Saturday, March 22, 2008

'Stir the Soul' Contradiction

For every high there’s a low for every low there’s a high.

I have come to realize I contradict my self in my actions and words to see my true self in real light, instead of the light of the mind (i.e. imagination). 

I was walking down the street and saw the first butterfly of spring. It flew by some policeman and and I was so gleeful I pointed it to them, but they just grumbled and said "Did you see that girl" as I turn and I just laughed and smiled. Fucking boring ass pricks. No joy in their hearts. Just tells me where I’m at. 

I feel to some degree I have contradicted myself in "Stir the Soul". I suppose when I contradict myself it shows me there is more to me than who I actually state I am. It’s my responsibility to follow up in EVERY way to my word, to honor my self and others. 
Approaching beliefs with the notion of belief. It’s my mind folding back on itself.

I can tell you as many times as there are pebbles in the great wall of China, that yes the heart of the universe is in us ~ Wake up! What sense does it make, none. You couldn’t know until I handed you the body I have now. 

Thanks to all of those who have showed me love. Everyone who has crossed my path. Your paths affect me in many positive ways, and some difficult, but may our thoughts be wise and take us to common spaces where our minds come together.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Stir the Soul

"We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face... we must do that which we think we cannot. "
Eleanor Roosevelt 
 Over the course of the last year, since meeting my sweet husband, I have come into a FULL knowing of the endless possibilities that make up our lives here on earth. I am beginning to remember how special we all are. Our lives are of our own design, no doubt. The world is of our design, but beliefs are getting in the way of promising futures for earth. Like say... peace. It’s not a load of crap, it’s a state of mind and when you master it you hard wire your nervous system to a balanced state, and you inadvertently affect others.

Belief is so powerful that it sends thousands to war, and kills millions more. Belief sends countries into egotistical downfalls. Belief becomes illusionary realities. Belief is both the most enabling and disabling force. Energy in it’s most solid state is a belief. 
Belief creates a solid reality, at a much greater frequency... it composes all substantiated matter.

What can happen when we use belief to our advantage and the advantage of the entire human race and how do you start? What good can come of it?

Embracing the beliefs of others is the first step in our progression. We also have the power to take on new belief systems by pretending... yes, using the imagination. I have attracted all of my short term goals to me by simply pretending I knew how. I didn’t make up methods, I just knew I knew, by pretending. Silly? No. Immaculate, yes! The steps come to you because pretending you know clears the mind of doubt and worry.

Our lives here are golden, but our light is hidden underneath layers upon layers of false beliefs about ourselves and others. Realize the grain of truth in all views and you no longer label the doorways and walk the other way, the doorway that can and will take you out of your present reality. Look to new paths to find your own green grass, it is possible. When we use new beliefs to our advantage we become like broadcast system. When we open up to others beliefs we connect with them better and we learn to speak "up" to them because of our appreciation for their views.

The way to God is through first accepting yourself and then others. Not a select group of others, EVERYONE! God is the face of the man who transgresses you. All methods, all practices, all books, all BELIEFS are thought forms or ’concepts’. They narrow reality down to one ’idea’, when in all reality everything is possible. If you believe me! HA HAA HAAA!

A few months ago I had a short dream immediately as I began to fall into sleep, Dixon and my fathers face blended together in a golden ball of light. A low resonate voice vibrated from the lips and it said "You will know you are ONE when you realize your beliefs are theirs." WOW! Somebody give this girl a CAT scan! Interesting though. It occured after I watched a video on ascension. 

If you have nothing left to believe believe in yourself, you are real and someone is waiting to hear your voice. Call me crazy, but we’re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy. Let’s light ourselves on fire!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Float... Like the Spider

Small, newborn spiderlings find a new home by floating on currents of air while firmly attached to a gossamer strand. They simply leap into the unknown! This is a fine avenue for those in hot pursuit of their purpose. Look around a little and leap, explore your territory and find out what the city offers beyond what you are used to. Do like you've never done before!

A great source for volunteer work is More ways to sharpen a resume and heighten the hearing of the heart than was ever before imaginable! Serious, there is something for everyone, just type in your zip code and find something that suits you. Get on your feet and wake up your soul... try everything! 

Visit today: 

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